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Shavuot (Pentacost)

Tonight (Monday at Sunset) is  DAY 49 of “Counting the OMER.” (i.e. 7 weeks from the Shabbat of Pesach). We are meeting in the Church Hall, Portland Avenue Stamford Hill 7:00pm to prepare ourselves for the following DAY 50.

On the great day of SHAVUOT  we remember the glorious giving of The Torah on Mount Sinai to the children of Israel and also on this same same day, we celebrate the even greater glory of the giving of The Ruach Ha Kodesh (The Holy Spirit) on Mount Zion.

So we will meet this night, Tuesday evening 14th May 2013,  for prayer at the Tudorleaf Business Center,  Unit 127 7:00pm onwards and tarry for being blessed by the Ruach Ha Kodesh. Come early for space is limited.

YHVH promised to Abraham He would bless all Nations of the Earth, and He fulfilled this by the New Covenant through the shedding of the Blood of HIS only begotten Son,  Yeshua Ha Meshiach (Jesus the Christ), so that we may become adopted as His Children into the Commonwealth of Israel.