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Children and Youth

Vision for Children’s Ministry at Beit Nitzachon

Basis: The SHEMA
Deuteronomy 6: 6-7
Psalm 78: 5-7


Our vision is to teach children to know the Lord and to love Him with all their beings and to empower and encourage parents and families to teach their children to love the Lord by keeping His commandments. To encourage children’s leaders, parents and the church family to lead by example.



Our guiding principles will be from Matthew 11: 28-30, Matthew 18: 1-11, Matt 19: 13-15 and Mk 9: 36-37.

For the under 10 year olds

Main focus:

  1. To teach them to respect God’s authority.
  2. To build a foundation of Bible Truth.
  3. To help them to build a response of grace and mercy when they are wronged and when they wrong others i.e to learn to forgive and receive forgiveness.
  4. To help them develop an attitude of gratitude.

For 10 year olds to teens

To do all of the above, but with learning through topical discussions as teenagers have many questions and so need answers. They also need much attention, patience and time to be heard especially with so much to entice them away from the truth of the word of God.

All that applies to under 10 year olds plus

To help them to develop a sense of destiny in doing God’s will and develop the perspective that God is sovereign.

How we would like to work.

  1. To be accountable to the leadership in Beit Nitzachon and to the parents and guardians of the children we teach.
  2. To develop in advance teaching material and resources.
  3. To work according to a rota eg. Children’s Sabbath school once or twice a month to begin with.
  4. To give the option that parents can sit in while we teach if they wish.
  5. Parents with babies and children under 3 years of age encouraged to join us to attend to their children’s needs till we have the right staff-to-children ratios.